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July 15th, 2008

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01:13 am - Blah blah blah
In retrospect that last post was a little bit stupid, since I was pretty much already certain I was going to use the name FatWatch anyway. It's an app for iPhone or iPod touch which helps you monitor your body weight. I submitted it to iTunes this morning and set up a hastily designed website for it. No idea when it will show up on the App Store. I decided to charge $9.99 for it, even after discovering that somebody else published a body weight tracker for free, because I think FatWatch is worth it, and I plan to update it, and the UI is not crap.

Ruboku has appeared on the store, though due to some miscommunication with the person who actually posted it, the version that is up is missing a sound effect and the ability to rotate pieces using a twirling gesture. The update is apparently in the pipeline, though. I paid $4.99 today to play a game that I wrote.

Fat Penguin is hosting our own show this Saturday night. Hosting means we are renting the theatre and so we are on the hook financially. We need about 40 people to attend to break even. Less than that if, I'm allowed to amortize the cost of the cards I made to promote both that show and our next show. I made business-card-sized cards to hand out using PsPrint.com and they look really great. It's a good thing I learned about the difference between Black and Rich Black before submitting the artwork. I should put it on a T-shirt.

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